Catamaran Polynésie
Long-term Bareboat Charter in French Polynesia

Taylor-made cruise in Polynesia

French Polynesia has 118 islands spread across 5 archipelagos

  • Society Islands, comprising the Windward Islands and the Leeward Islands
  • Tuamotu Islands
  • Marquesas Islands
  • Gambier Islands
  • Austral Islands

We will prepare your cruise itinerary with you and according to your criteria.
We may advise you on weather conditions and depending on how much time you have.
Cruises in French Polynesia

Windward Islands

  • Tahiti, « the mythical paradise », a beautiful tropical island and bordered by stunning ultramarine waters.
  • Moorea, « The Yellow Lizard ». Moorea has conquered the hearts of many a painter, novelist and tourist from all over the world. You will need several days to discover this island. In Moorea, drop the anchor in the famous Opunohu Bay and Cook's Bay at the foothills of majestic Mt Rotui surrounded by scenic fjords.
  • Tetiaroa, a five-hour sailing destination away from Mo'orea, Teti'aroa, a.k.a. « Marlon Brando's island », is an amazing ring of coral islets circling a dazzling crystal-clear still lagoon.
  • Maïao et Mehetia are remote islands and have no shelter to anchor at.

Leeward Islands

  • A 15-hour navigation leg from Moorea will take you to Huahine, the magic island, so wild and so secret.
  • Tahaa, the vanilla island, is an enchanting paradise that is set on the same lagoon as Raiatea. The island is the kingdom of navigators and has become a major leisure sailing destination.
  • Discover Bora-Bora, a.k.a. the Pearl of the Pacific which is believed to be the world's most beautiful lagoon. She stands proudly some 4 hours away from Taha'a.
  • In Maupiti, discover a precious gem with endless white sand banks spared from mass tourism.
  • Tupai island has no pass so it's very difficult to land on.
  • Manuae, Maupihaa and Motu One are located more than 100 nautical miles from Maupiti.

Long cruises

Are you a die-hard navigator? You can plan to visit one or several of the four of French Polynesia's farthest archipelagos from Tahiti
  • Tuamotu Islands (76 atolls). 162 nautical miles east of Tahiti.
  • Marquesas Islands (12 îles). 810 nautical miles northeast of Tahiti.
  • Gambier Islands (7 îles). 918 nautical miles southeast of Tahiti.
  • Austral Islands (5 îles). between 324 to 650 nautical miles south of Tahiti.